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Attaching OGs to Training Records

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Incorporating the Department’s Operating Guidelines in Training Records

This tip is for Departments that are using the Operating Guidelines (OG) module and the Training module. Operational guidelines are an integral part of the department’s training.  The guidelines provide the general principle, while the training provides the practical application of the principle.  Attaching the relevant operating guidelines to training session records provides more information as to what is required in the performance of the duties of the firefighter.

There is a way to attach relevant sections of the OG to training subjects in FirePro, and doing so can provide a deeper level of understanding.


Example of Training record with attached OGs:


Attached OGs are displayed at the bottom of the 'Details' tab in the 'Relevant OGs' subtab. Clicking on a Course Name will display the attached OGs for the selected subject.        


An entire list  of all attached OGs for the Training session appear in the ‘Session Notes & Training Resources’ tab in the ‘Relevant OGs’ subtab.


How to add Relevant OGs to Training Subjects


This is quite simple to do, however it requires some forethought as to what OG subjects should be attached to what training subjects. Note that it will require appropriate user permissions for access to the areas in FP2 where this can be set.


1.Go to the Menu Option bar -->Maintenance--> Edit Training Subjects--> Subjects.

This will open the ‘Subject Entry’ window, which holds a list of all the training subjects entered.    


2.Click the desired training subject in the list.


3.The selected Training Subject information is now displayed in the bottom half of the ‘Subject Entry’ window.There are several tabs, including one named ‘Relevant OGs.’ Select this tab.


4.Click the ‘Add’ button and a new window will open that holds a list of the OGs. Select the OGs you wish to add to the training subject (if more than one, use ctrl + click) and press the ‘Add OGs’ button. Save.





Once attached to a training subject, the OG will be attached to the training records of all past and future training sessions for that subject. For example, if a new training record is created for a subject that has OGs attached, those OGs will automatically transfer to the new record under the ‘Relevant OGs’ tabs. Double-clicking on any OG subjects listed in the ‘Relevant OG’ tabs will open the corresponding OG record.


OGs can also be included in reporting, in the Training Session ‘Print’ report (accessed from the Training Record window), and ‘Details’ report (accessed from the Training List Window.)


Training ‘Print’ Report: ‘Relevant OGs’ flagged to be included in Report Parameters.