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Alberta Transport Invoicing Report

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There is a new Alberta Transport Invoicing report available on this new update (version 1.235.)

What this report does is provide a cover letter with a summary, and an accompanying invoice form for every incident that is to be sent out on a separate page.

This report will make invoicing these Incidents markedly easier by letting you quickly print a summary of all ATU calls, along with the ATU forms for each incident.

This report is an extension of the Alberta Transportation form that is included in Incident records for clients with the Invoicing module (or clients who purchased the ATU plugin separately).





In order to use this report most effectively, we recommend setting up the following customization to FP2.


In Set-Up-->Custom Settings-->Incidents--> Custom Fields--> Custom Checkbox title enter ‘ATU Required’


What this will do is allow you to flag ATU Incidents, directly in the Incident record--> General tab

And search for ATU required Incidents in the Incident List window--> Details tab


Using this custom search option in conjunction with the Date Range search for the month, will populate the Incident List with all the Incidents that need to be submitted. Once the list is ready, select the Print icon in the List Window and choose ‘Emergency Response Invoice Summary’