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Alberta Patient Care Report

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The Patient Care Report is similar to the default medical form, with a few changes geared specifically towards reports for Alberta Health Services.


This report is accessible in the Medical tab of an incident window, but first two fields should be filled out in Custom Settings.


Go to Set-Up-->Custom Settings and then click on the Incidents tab and the Medical sub-tab.

Fill out the Medical First Response agency name and MFR Agency ID at the bottom of the Medical tab.

AB patient care setup


Click on the green checkmark to save and then open up an Incident record and click on the Medical tab.


Click on the green plus icon to add a record, and select Patient Care Report


AB patient care 1


Fill in the necessary fields as you would any PCR.


AB patient care 4


There's one editable list that will have to be populated in the History & Treatment tab. Add your Responder's Names and ID numbers by clicking on the three dots next to the Responder's Name droplist.


Similar to an incident record, certain information fields must be completed before the record can be validated.


AB patient care 2


Click on the Action Menu (red toolbox) and select Validate to check if all necessary information has been entered. If the form is incomplete, the Validate function will jump to the next field that requires filling out.


Fields that require data before the record will validate are as follows:

Main Tab



       MFR Event Number

       MFR - Arrived on Scene

       MFR - Unit Number


Patient Information Tab


       Patients Age

       Responder Impression Code

       Chief Complaint


History & Treatment Tab

       Responder Name

       Responder Level

       PCR Peer Reviewed (box must be checked)



When complete, you can print the report by clicking on the printer icon at the top of the patient care record

AB patient care report