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Adjusting Font Sizes

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Different eyes have different needs, so FP2 has various levels of customization for font sizing within the program. Font preferences are set per user account, so you can change your settings to fit your personnel needs and your coworker can customize their own user account for themselves.


If you find the fonts in FP2 overall too small and hard to read or the windows too large and unwieldy, there's a very simple way to change your windows size by going to File-->Preferences and click on the Window Settings tab.


adjust fonts1


This can scale your overall windows larger or smaller, including the font size. Scaling your windows larger can sometimes cause the window to be larger than your monitor size, so be aware that the bottom of the window may get cut off.  This can be adjusted to auto-fit your screen by clicking the resize button on the upper right of any window.

adjust fonts2


Cut-off text

If some of your text is getting cut off in some text fields you might need to make some individual adjustments.

adjust fonts3


Go to  File-->Preferences and click on the Window Settings tab and then the Windows Settings button.

Here you can customize your things like background colours for windows and font colours.


Fonts sizes can be adjusted on the fly, so if you open up a window and a particular font needs adjusting you can leave that window open before opening up your font preferences, adjusting the font, and then hitting Apply to see the font change before your eyes.



A visual guide to help you adjust your fonts

Adjust fonts preferences
This is your Window Design menu, any change you make here will be seen in the font fields in this menu as well as any applicable FP2 windows you have open while making adjustments.  It can be handy to have the window/font you'd like to make changes to visible while making adjustments so you can see the changes you're making as they occur. As well as adjusting font size, this window can be used to adjust font types and colours. Font types can be changed by clicking on the font name droplist and selecting a new font. To change any colours, look for the Change Colour blocks. Click on the colour block to see a menu of possible colours.
Here are your available adjustments as well as examples of the kind of text they affect.


Labels and Entry fields

Standard Labels

adjust fonts4


Bottom Labels

adjust fonts5



Small Labels

adjust fonts6




Print/Find Utility Labels

Standard Labels

adjust fonts8


Small Labels

adjust fonts9


Entry Fields

adjust fonts10




List fields

Drop Down List

adjust fonts11


Small Drop Down List

adjust fonts12



Multi-Line Lists

adjust fonts13






Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

adjust fonts15



Small Radio Buttons

adjust fonts14



adjust fonts16




adjust fonts17



Remember, if you make changes to your fonts you're unhappy with, you can always reset them by clicking on the Action Menu toolbox and selecting Reset to Default

adjust fonts7