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Additional Officer for Incidents

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FP2 has a standard field for recording the Officer in Charge of an incident on the General Tab.


However, it can also be very important to document additional an additional Officer record (or Officer records).  There are a couple of different ways that you can do this in FP2.



The Additional Officer Field


If you would like to have a second officer field on an incident, go to the Set Up Menu --> Custom Setting Option and select the Incidents Tab, followed by the Custom Fields Tab.  In the lower-right corner there is a field called Additional Officer Title (see fig.1)



Fig 1 - Incident Custom Fields


If you populate this field with a title - like "Safety Officer", for example, and an additional Officer Type will become available for you to populate.


Like all Officer Types, the "Safety Officer" will be populated from the Set Up --> Officer List window.  To add Officers to the "Safety Officer" type , just click on their name in the Officer Set-up window (see Fig. 2), and turn on the Safety Officer Active Type checkbox.




Fig. 2 - Officer Setup Window


Now when you open an Incident Report, you will have another Officer List directly under the Officer in Charge list on the General Tab (see Fig. 3)



Fig. 3 - Incident General Tab




Personnel Lists


In some cases, you might want to record more than just 2 officers.  You might want to document Operations, for example.  In that case, the best way to do it would be to use one of the Custom Personnel Lists in the Incident Module.


To access the lists, go to the Set Up Menu --> Custom Setting Option and select the Incidents Tab, followed by the Personnel Sub-tab.


In the List 1 Title field (see Fig. 4), enter "Position" or something similar.



Fig. 4 - Incident Personnel Tab


Now, open any existing Incident report and go to the Personnel Tab.  When you add a Personnel Attendance record, each one has a list called "Position".  Populate it with whatever Positions you want to track (Fig. 5)



Fig. 5 - Personnel Attendance Record