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Adding Training Subjects to Certificates

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Firepro 2 users now have the ability to add training subject(s) to a certificate record. For a training officer, this feature will allow you to create Certification-specific sets of training subjects, and track firefighter progress through those subjects.


In the Certificates List window, select the ‘add’ icon to open a new certificate record.


In the Certificates Record window, click the ellipses icon next to ‘Certificate’ to open the Certificate Set-up window.

(Alternatively, opening the Certificate Set-up window can be done by selecting Maintenance--> Certificates from the Menu Options bar.)


If the certificate that you wish to create does not yet exist, click the ‘add’ icon to create a new Certificate. Title the certificate and select any presets from the General tab that you wish to apply to this certificate.  In the Subjects tab, select the add icon to open the ‘Subjects’ window.




From this list highlight all applicable subjects that you wish to include on the certificate and select the ‘Add Subjects’ button. Save and close the Certificate Set-up Window.


Back in the Certificate Record, select the Certificate title from the drop list. Fill out the certificate fields as usual, with the exception that you will often leave the completion date blank. After the certificate fields have been filled, and the Attendees have been added, you may click on a firefighter’s name in the ‘Personnel in Attendance’ window and select the Subject tab. Completed subjects will appear in blue (if an Instructor has signed-off using the Sign-off + button in a Training record-->Details tab), and any incomplete subjects will appear in red.



In the firefighter’s Personnel record--> Attendance-->Certificates subtab, the Certification subjects will appear under Certification title that was given, and if any subjects are incomplete the title will appear red. Double-clicking on the title will open the Certificate record window.