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Adding New Subjects

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With FP2 you can add your own custom training subjects quickly and easily


FP2 also has a curriculum library with which you can import a large number of subjects falling under headings like Fire Prevention Training or IFSTA 6th Edition. For instructions see Import Training Subjects

To create and add subjects specific to your stations needs, first give a little thought to how you'd like your subjects organized.

Each subject falls under a module, and each module falls under a component. If they don't already exist in your FP2, each will have to be created before you can add your subject.

If the necessary component and modules you'd like your subject to fall under have been previously created, you can skip down to creating the subject.


For this example we'll create a subject called CPR Training.  For our purposes CPR is an annual health and safety course, so the subject CPR will fall under the module Health and Safety, which will be housed in the Annual Training component. This is just one way to organize your subjects, your subjects may need to be organized differently.


To create a component, go to Maintenance-->Edit Training Subjects-->Components.
Click the green plus icon and give your component a name and save

In this case the Component will be called Annual Training

add training subject1



Next create your module

Go to Maintenance-->Edit Training Subjects-->Modules. Click the green plus icon, select the component you've just created from the droplist and then give your module a name and Save.

Our module will be called Health and Safety

add training subject2



With this structure in place you can now add your subject.

Go to  Maintenance-->Edit Training Subjects-->Subjects

Highlight the Module you've just added and hit the green plus icon to add a subject.

Give the subject a name and a unique subject code.

add training subject3


Once you're done, save and the next time you create a new training record this subject will be available to add.


There are other optional features you can use in this window like necessary hours for Certification and ReCertification (which are can be tracked in other parts of FP2), as well as link to existing Operational Guidelines or attach linked documents or photos.