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Adding Assistance Report Invoices to Main Incident Invoice

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By default, any invoicing attached to an assistance incident report can only be generated from that report.

This tip shows how to have those assistance invoice items appear with the main invoice items for those departments who prefer to issue a single invoice.

This process involves linking the two invoices, and the linked information will appear onscreen with the main info as well as the printed report.



To enable this, first go to Set-up-->Custom Settings.

Click on the Accounting tab and the Invoice sub-tab


Tick the Show Invoice Number checkbox

invoice asst reports1


This will prompt a selection for how you'd like the invoice numbered, so select either manual to enter your own numbers or one of the auto numbering formats to let FP2 create numbers for you based on a year-based numbering format.

Save and close.


Generate your invoices for both your main and assistance report. If your invoices have already been created, then you'll just need to give the invoices a number.   Make note of the invoice number of the invoice for the main report.

invoice asst reports3


Open up the assistance report invoice and enter the invoice number for the main invoice in the Linked To field

invoice asst reports4


Save and close, then open up the main incident report's invoice. Any items that were linked from the other invoice will appear in blue in the corresponding tab of the main invoice eg. Apparatus, Materials, etc

If you have any additional assistance records to link, follow the same process of entering the invoice number of the main report in the Linked To field of the assistance record.



invoice asst reports2


Highlighting the item will show the number of the invoice the info was pulled from. Any adjustments that need to be made to that item should be made in the original invoice in the assistance incident record, which will then update in the main invoice the next time it's opened.