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Acquiring Digital Signatures

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FirePro’s digital signature capture allows you to take inspection signatures in the field using the touchscreen on your laptop/tablet using a stylus or with a mouse. This streamlines doing remote Inspection Checklists, Contravention, Compliance and Notice of Violation event types by letting you take recipient signatures directly on your device and then saving that signature into your inspection event records when you sync back to your main database.



Go into Set-up-->Custom Settings on your main database and select the Inspections/Classic Inspections tab to make sure you have signatures enabled for recipients. The Contact/Owner default should be set to either Contact or Owner, based on your needs. This ensures that your signatures will print once they’ve been taken.



Getting Signatures

Now that you’re set up, getting signatures in field is a simple process. Once you’ve added an event (Checklist, Notice of Violation, Compliance Report or Inspection Report) to an inspection, click on the Recipients tab and then on the checkbox or boxes for the recipients you’d like to capture signatures for and then the Manage Signatures button. This will bring up a signature field.
Recipients can sign their name using their finger or a stylus on a touchscreen, or using a mouse on a device with a traditional screen. Once you’ve gotten the signature click Save to keep the signature, or click on Clear if the signature isn’t satisfactory and you’d like to get a better one.


If you have multiple recipients checked, click on the recipient name dropdown list at the top to select another recipient and enter another signature.


If you’re using Remote Inspections, make sure to sync your remote data back to your main database upon returning to the station.  This will copy the newly acquired signatures along with the rest of your field inspection information back to the main database.



Printing most events with a recipient signature will automatically include the signature.  The only exception is Inspection Checklists. When printing a checklist, make sure the check the Print Signature Picture box on the print options window.