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Accessing FP2: Online or Offline

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Online or Offline?

One of the big questions that determines how you would end up using FP2 in the field is whether you want to use your mobile device (iPad, Android Tablet, possibly iPhone) online or offline.



Offline Access Tools


If you are primarily looking for Offline access, you might be better off going with something like FP2 Remote (for Inspections, Pre-Plans, Hydrants or Building Permits).  Otherwise, combining apps like Dropbox, which allows you to set up a synced folder that is shared between computers and devices, and Goodreader, which allows you to write, type or annotate pdf files, can be a good solution.


Since FP2 allows you to print a variety of blank forms or PDF documents, you can generate the PDF’s from FP2, save them in your Dropbox  folder, then work on the iPad or tablet in the field as if it was a clipboard – writing notes, getting signatures and taking pictures.  Once back in the office, the documents in Dropbox sync back up to your main computer – ready to go!


This can also be a good solution for departments that want to be able to reference their Pre-Plan information in the field.  Complete the pre-plan in FP2, then print it as a PDF and save it in the Dropbox folder.  Now when you are in the field, open the Dropbox folder on your iPad and you have all your Pre-Plans right at your fingertips in digital format!


Online Access Tools


Online access opens a number of additional options.  For departments using iPad or Android tablets with wireless or cellular connections, applications like iTap allow you to connect to an FP2 server and work with the full FP2 application directly from your tablet.


Windows tablets with a wireless connection can even access the full version of FP2 directly on your tablet.  Using a virtual LAN application like TeamViewer makes connecting directly to the server simple.