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Troubleshooting Connection Problems

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The most common problem encountered during FP2 installation is the failure by the Client to connect to the Server, which displays a message like:


connection error msg


The most common causes of this issue are:


1.Computer Name or IP Address of Server entered incorrectly: refer to FP2 Client Configuration to modify the Server information.


2.Server not running: check that the posgres service is running on the Server computer.  If the PostgreSQL service will not start, contact Ingenious Software.


3.Server Software installation failed:  this is often the issue if the PostgreSQL service is not running.


4.Server not accessible from Client computer: check to make sure that you can ping the Server computer from the Client computer.


5.Server not configured to accept Client IP address: refer to FP2 Server Configuration to configure the Server.


6.Firewall blocking traffic:  generally this is only an issue on the Server computer, but should be checked on the Client computer as well.


7.Port forwarding not set correctly: this is only an issue in Internet-Based systems - ensure that port 5432 is forwarded to the Server computer and that you have correctly set the external IP address of the router in the Client configuration.



For additional assistance troubleshooting connection problems, contact Ingenious Software.