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Terminal Server

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Terminal Server configurations use 3rd-party (non-FP2) software to allow users to connect to a main computer/Server without needing a direct network or internet connection.


FP2 is fully compatible with most Windows Terminal Server applications, including Citrix Servers, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.  In a Terminal Server configuration, the Server software provides the connection between the Client computer and the Server.



Very flexible - any computer with terminal Server software and internet can access FP2.

Very good performance - all calculations are done on the Server computer.



Additional Costs - generally there are additional costs/infrastructure for a terminal Server

External Files - management of digital pictures or other files associated with FP2 can be more difficult.

Multiple Logins - it may require several password/username combinations to access the software.



Remote Login applications, like Logmein or GotomyPC are generally similar to a Terminal Server in terms of advantages/disadvantages.