Introduction to FP2
FP2 Architecture
Why Use PostgreSQL?
System Requirements
Operating System Details
Active Directory
Windows XP
Windows Vista/7
Windows 8
Windows 10
MS Server 2003
MS Server 2008
Mac (Apple)
Communication Configuration
Single Computer
Terminal Server
Installation Instructions
PostgreSQL Server Installation
User Accounts
Server Migration
FP2 Client Installation
FirePro Folder Connection
Server Mirroring
FP2 Configuration Settings
FP2 Client Configuration
FP2 Server Configuration
Network Configuration
Troubleshooting Connection Problems
PostgreSQL Service
Setting the Main FP2 Folder Path
Remote Computers
Remote Troubleshooting
Configuring Backups
Manual Backup
Postgres Backup
Automated Backups
Restoring a Backup File
FP2 Updates
ODBC Connection
Create an ODBC Connection
Property Address Import
Canvas Integration
Export FP2 Data
Add Incident App to Canvas
Populate Incident App
Install Canvas on Mobile
Fill Canvas App
Sync Data to FP2
FDM to FP2 Transfer Service
FP2 Webform
Webform Setup
Using the Webform
Importing Webform Data

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