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Setting the Main FP2 Folder Path

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FP2 Users often need to associate additional files with their FP2 records.  These files include pictures (jpeg format) or other links (any file format).


By default, FP2 does not store these files in the PostgreSQL database, although that is an option that can be set within FP2.  The default treatment for pictures and links are slightly differerent:



When a picture is added to a record, FP2 automatically copies the picture to a /pictures folder.  The location of this folder is set by the Main FP2 Folder Path.  FP2 then holds the file path of the image in the /pictures folder.



When a link is added to a record, FP2 holds only the file path of the file.


Changing Picture/Links Settings:

Picture/Links settings can be changed in the FP2.



Setting the Main FP2 Folder Path



The Main FP2 Folder Path should have the following characteristics:


1.Mapped drive is strongly recommended:  since FP2 uses file path information by default, path information should be consistent between all Client computers.


2.Both individual users and the PostgreSQL user on the Server computer should have read/write access to this folder.