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Server Migration

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Relocating your database to a new server is known as server migration.


To migrate your server follow these steps:


Backup your database from your current server

See Postgres Backup

Name your backup file "firepro.backup".


Download the server installation software onto the new server:


If you're using an older machine with a 32-bit operating system use this instead:


Copy the backup file "firepro.backup" onto the new server.

Log in to the new server as  a LOCAL Admin user.


Run the newly downloaded server installer.
Locate FPPostGresSetup_x64.exe and double-click to run.

When prompted, browse to the location of firepro.backup

server install point to backup


Open FirePro2 and point at your new server

Open FP2 and click on the black dot next to the server list.

login red box


Enter the Connection Display Name and Computer Name or IP Address of the new server.

computer list