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Restoring a Backup File

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In some cases, it is necessary to replace the existing FP2 database with a backup.  This can only be done using the PGAdmin III application on the Server.


To restore a backup:


Check that all users are logged out of FP2.


Open the PGAdmin III application from the Start menu on the Server.




In the Object Browser, double click on the either the PostgreSQL Server (generally either 9.1 or 9.6).


You will be prompted for a password - select OK without entering anything.  The FP2 Posgres Server is pre-configured to trust connections from PGAdmin III that originate from the local computer.

A number of additional options will become visible in the Object Browser.  Double-click on the Databases section to view the active PostgreSQL database:




Right-click on the 'firepro' database and select Delete/Drop.


Right-click on the Databases header and select New Database:


Postgres restore1



The new database should be called 'firepro' (all database names must be lower-case and have no spaces)


Postgres restore2


It will take a few seconds to create the new database.  Once it is created, right-click on the new firepro database and select Restore:


Postgres restore3


Select the backup file that you want to restore from:


Postgres restore4


In most cases, the restore dialogue will give you an Error Code of 0 - indicating that the restore had no errors.  In some cases, you'll receive a  a final error code of 1 – that’s expected – all those errors are cleaned up when somebody logs into the database for the first time.

Postgres restore5