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Remote Troubleshooting

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The FP2 Remote computers run their own version of PostgreSQL and operate a slightly different version of the FP2 software.  There are several common issues that can occur with FP2 remotes.


1.  Crashing errors when opening FP2 Remote are commonly caused by switching from standard FP2 to FP2 Remote directly when both versions are in use on the same computer.  If you are logged into standard FP2 and want to switch to FP2 Remote, close the FP2 application, then restart the software and select the Remote option.


2. FP2 Remote starting as a standard copy of FP2.  This issue can occur in the remote database resets an internal switch.  In order to set the database as a remote again, follow these steps:


       1. Open the PGAdmin III application on the Remote computer.

       2. In the Object Browser on the left side, double-click on the PostgreSQL 9.0 Server in the server section.

       3. Press "OK" when prompted for a password.

       4. Expand the Databases tree, then click on the database called "remote".

       5. In the toolbar along the top of PGAdmin III, click on the Execute SQL query button .  This will bring up a SQL Query Window.


remote troubleshooting

       6. In the SQL Editor tab, copy and paste this text: update system_settings set setting_value=1 where setting_key='S3_REMOTE_DATA'

       7. Press the green |> "Execute Query" button on the toolbar above the SQL editor tab.

       8. Close the SQL Query Window, close PGAdmin III and close and re-open FP2 Remote.