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Property Address Import

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FP2 supports importing address data from external systems (usually GIS or taxation software) to populate property address information in FP2.


This facilitates accurately logging the location of Responses, and documentation of Fire Safety Inspections.


We usually receive this data in a separate file (or files), and build a reusable tool that can be used in the future to update the existing records.


In order to import property records, we have the following requirements/guidelines.


1) We require a transfer file in the CSV, delimited file, xlsx (MS Excel) or xls (MS Excel) format.


2) All records should have a unique ID number (usually Roll #), which allows us to update the addresses correctly when the tool is re-run in the future.


3) Most (but not all) imports include property Owner information.  This information should be included on the same row as the physical address information.


4) Separate fields containing the following CRITICAL data:


Roll # (or other unique ID)


Street number. Ex. 214


Street Name (Including street type). Ex. River Rd


Street Direction. Ex. N


Suite (or Unit #). Ex. 102


Town/Township. Ex. Nelson


5)  Additional fields including potentially:


Postal Code

Lot #

Line or Concession #

Plan #

Legal Address








Owner First Name

Owner Last Name

Business Name

Owner Address line 1

Owner Address line 2

Owner Address City

Owner Address Prov

Owner Address Postal

Owner Phone

Owner Fax

Owner Email


Occupant First Name

Occupant  Last Name

Occupant Business Name

Occupant Address line 1

Occupant Address line 2

Occupant Address City

Occupant Address Prov

Occupant Address Postal

Occupant Phone

Occupant Fax

Occupant Email