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PostgreSQL Service

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When PostgreSQL is running on the server computer, it runs as a Service.  If you are not able to access PGAdmin III (you would likely received a "Server not listening" error", then it is likely that the Service has not started.


There are several possible reasons why this would be the case:


If you encounter the error immediately after installing the server software, it is likely that the server did not install correctly.  This is almost always an issue with not using Local Administrator permissions when installing.


If FP2 has been working previously when you encounter this error, then the most likely issue is that Windows has forgotten the password for the Postgres login, which runs as a service.  This is a known, although uncommon, Windows issue.


The easiest way to resolve the problem is to use this batch file:  that sets the Postgres password and starts the postgres service.  Setting this batch file as an "On Startup" task for the server will ensure that Postgres is running correctly.


In some rare circumstances this does not resolve the problem.  Another potential solution is to delete the file:


Navigate to the Postgresql data folder  (c:\program files\PostgreSQL\9.0\data by default)

Remove the file called “”  (cut/paste it to a different location)

Restart the server

At this point, the service will not startup because of the missing file, so go to the Services section of the Administrative Tools and put in the password for the user to start the service manually.

Once this is done, the should have been re-created.

Restart the server as a test to see if the service will start on it’s own.


(Thanks to Dean Parker from the Town of Taber for this fix).



FP2 Remotes:


The Remote computers used for FP2 Remote Inspections, FP2 Remote Hydrant tracking and FP2 Remote Building Inspection have their own version of PostgreSQL installed on them, in order to ensure that data can be accessed offline.  As a result, FP2 Remotes may experience any of these issues independently from the main server.


In addition, some users have experienced issues with the service starting correctly while offline when they are using Active Directory on their network.  In order to ensure that this does not occur, setup a local admin password on the remote computer, then set the batch file startup task using this login role.