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PostgreSQL Server Installation

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PostgreSQL is a database management system we have chosen to handle the data entered through FP2.  The installation is relatively straight forward but may require some adjustments to user permissions in order to install correctly.


Full PostgreSQL documentation can be found at:


We will set up an initial database file for you called firepro.backup and instruct you on how to download it.  Save this file in a network accessible location and know the path.  You will be asked for this during the Server installation.


Download the FP2 Server Installer:


If you're running a 32-bit operating system:



If you don’t know which to download, go to the Start Menu on your computer, select the Control Panel option, followed by the System Option.  You should see a System Type header which identifies 32 or 64-bit Operation System.


This installer only needs to be run once on the computer you chose as the Server.


If you are running FP2 on a single computer, download and run the Server Installer on that computer.


In order to ensure that the PostgreSQL Server Installer runs correctly, make sure you are logged into the computer as a Local Administrator.


With the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems, you should right-click on the installer application and select "Run as Administrator" to ensure that the application installs correctly in the Program Files folder.


The PostgreSQL Installer will perform several task automatically:


1.Install PostgreSQL and pgAdmin III.
2.Create a PostgreSQL user on the Server computer.  See User Accounts for more information.
3.Start the PostgreSQL service on the Server computer
4.Create a firepro database in PostgreSQL
5.Restore the firepro.backup file to the firepro database.


If any of these steps fail, the Server installation is not completed.  The easiest way to check if the Server Installation has been successful is to open the pgAdmin III application


Double-click on the PostgreSQL 9.1 Server in the Object browser:








When you are prompted for a password, leave it blank and select "OK".


If you receive an error message at this point, the Server installation has probably failed.


If you can continue, expand the Databases section and check that a "firepro" database is on the databases list.


pg server login



Alternatively, open the Control Panel-->Administration Tools-->Services option and check to make sure that the PostgreSQL service is running.


If you are not able to access the /firepro database through pgAdmin III or cannot see that the PostgreSQL service is running, you should contact FP2.