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PostgreSQL Backup

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It is possible to back up your database file using the PGAdmin III application on the Server computer.  This is commonly used when there is not a Client copy of FP2 installed on the Server computer.


To back up your database using PGAdmin III:


Open the PGAdmin III application from the Start menu on the Server.


In the Object Browser, double click on the PostgreSQL 9.6 Server (it is possible that this will be Postgres 9.1 or 9.0 in earlier Postgres versions)




You will be prompted for a password - select OK without entering anything.  The FP2 Posgres Server is pre-configured to trust connections from PGAdmin III that originate from the local computer.

A number of additional options will become visible in the Object Browser.  Double-click on the Databases section to view the active PostgreSQL database:




There are usually 2 databases on this list: firepro and PostgreSQL.
To create a backup, right-click on the firepro database and select "Backup"




In the file path screen:



You can either enter a Filename and path or hit the "..." button to browse for file location.


Make sure the Format Drop-Down is set to "Custom" if you have PostGres 9.1 or 9.6.
If using PostGres 9.0 select "Compress".


Hit "Backup" to create the .backup file.



As with the manual backup from FP2, all users are able to continue using FP2 while the backup is being created.


see Server Migration