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LAN-Based systems are the most common type of FP2 configuration, and are recommended for multi-user installations.  All computers with FP2 Client software share a LAN with the Server computer.  The FP2 Client uses Windows Computer Name to identify the Server in a LAN environment.


Generally, the FP2 Server is pre-configured for a Single Computer or LAN-Based configuration, but if there are difficulties connecting Clients to the Server in a LAN-Based system, refer to the FP2 Configuration Settings documentation.


A VPN is sometimes considered to be similar to this system, but actually shares more of the characteristics of an Internet-Based configuration, especially in terms of overall performance.


LAN-based configurations are also very common when using Virtual Server software.



Good system performance.

Easy to set up and add additional workstations.

Allows flexibility on backup and file storage.



Requires that all FP2 Client computers be on the same LAN as the Server.