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Internet-Based configurations can be used when FP2 Client computers do not share a LAN connection with the Server, but have access to high-speed internet.


In an Internet-based configuration, FP2 Client computers are pointed to the IP Address if the Server, or more commonly the external IP address of the router that the Server is connected to.  FP2 communication between Client and Server uses port 5432.


By default, the FP2 Server only accepts incoming connections from a pre-set range of IP addresses.  For Internet-based configurations, refer to the FP2 Server Configuration information to ensure that the Server is set to accept connections from the IP addresses of all Client computers.


It is also necessary to ensure that the PostgreSQL application has permission to bypass Firewall software.



Very flexible - FP2 can be configured to be used on any computer with high-speed internet access.

Inexpensive - Does not require additional software for remote access.



Slow upload speeds on the Server side can result in long initial load times.

Overall performance is heavily dependant on connection speed.

Requires port forwarding and possibly ongoing maintenance of the Server/Client configuration to maintain connectivity.



Note - VPN's make an Internet-based system easier to set up and maintain, but do not mitigate the potential speed/performance drawbacks of operating over the Internet.