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Importing Webform Data

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Once you have completed and Submitted data on the Webform, you are ready to import the data into FP2.


Login to FP2 using the account you linked to the Webform in the Setup stage (or use a different login, just make sure you add the credentials in the Preferences tab).


Create a New Incident report, either manually, or by using the Import Incident from CAD option, if you use an FP2 Dispatch Interface.  Once the incident has been created, open it and go to the Options Menu (Red Toolbox) and select "Pull Incident Response Data"





Incident information entered on the Webform will be populated into the open Incident Report.


Note: Only incidents that occur within 1 week of the Incident date in FP2 will display for import.


Imported incidents will be automatically deleted from the Webform after 30 days.