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FP2 Webform

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The FP2 Webform is an online form used to enter Incident information on-scene.  Information entered in the form can be imported into an FP2 Incident report after return to the Fire Hall.


If you are interested in using the FP2 Webform, please contact Ingenious Software for pricing information and login.


Usually, a single department only requires one Webform login, regardless of the number of potential users.  In some situations, like County or Regional-District level organizations, multiple Webform logins may be required to allow each Department to operate fully independently.


There are 3 steps involved in using the FP2 Webform.


Webform Setup - where you populate the Webform with data from your FP2 system and link the Webform to your user profile.



Using the Webform - log into the Webform in the field from your tablet or mobile device and enter call information.



Importing Webform Data - import the information from the Webform into a new FP2 incident report or existing CAD-imported record.