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FP2 Updates

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FP2 Updates are distributed via email as downloadable links.


All Clients do not receive each update, although most Clients can expect at least one update per quarter.


FP2 Updates are cumulative - if a previous update is not installed, you can install the more recent one.



Installing FP2 Updates


FP2 Updates are executable files that need to be run on any Client computer.


Once you have run the update, open FP2 from the Client computer where the update was installed.


FP2 will automatically upload the update to the Server, where it will be downloaded to all other Client computers when they log in.


LAN-Based systems should be able to use this update system with no complications.


Internet-Based may experience slow upload/download times from the Server, and should manually install the update on a Client at the Server computer for the initial upload, and install the updates manually on all Client computers that connect to the Server via internet or VPN connection.


Terminal Server applications need to make sure that they are working on the Server/Client computer, and not logged in via a Terminal Server session.