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FP2 Server Configuration

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The PostgreSQL Server must be configured to accept incoming connections from certain IP addresses or address ranges.


When you install PostgreSQL using the FP2 Server Installer, the Server is pre-configured to accept incoming connections from standard internal IP address ranges, including all addresses starting with:







If the IP Address for Client computers in your installation fall outside those ranges, it will be necessary to configure the Server to accept the incoming connection.


Launch PGAdmin III from the Start Menu on the Server computer and connect to the database:

You will be prompted for a password - select OK without entering anything.  The FP2 PostgreSQL Server is pre-configured to trust connections from PGAdmin III that originate from the local computer.


Open the Server Configuration tool:


Create a new entry in the list of computers allowed to connect remotely:


Enter the IP information for the remote computer:



Use the settings shown above (eg. Enabled: checked, Type: Host, Database: all, User: all, Method: md5) except for IP Address – use the remote computer’s IP Address.

You can specify a range of IP addresses if you wish by using /24 /16 /8 after the IP address.

For example, specifying will allow any IP address from to


Click Ok to finish.



Now save your changes to the config file by clicking on the Save button.



Reload the updated Server configuration by going to the Tools-->Reload Configuration option.

server configreload


Your FP2 Server is now configured to accept remote connections from the selected IP address or address range.