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FP2 Client Configuration

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The FP2 Client requires the Windows Computer Name or IP address of the Server in order to function correctly.


During the Client Installation, you will be prompted as to whether this is a network installation.


network install


Answer Yes if: the Client is being installed on any computer OTHER than the Server computer.  This includes most Workstation in a LAN-Based configuration and all computers in an Internet-Based configuration.


Answer No if: this is a Single Computer installation, or if you are installing the Client on the same computer as the Server, as in many Terminal Server systems.


If you answer Yes, you will receive the following prompt:


enter server name


You should enter the Windows Computer Name or IP address of the Server computer here for LAN-Based installations.  For Internet-Based installations, enter the External IP address of the router that serves the Server computer.



Post-Installation Configuration


You can also modify these settings after installing the Client software from the Login Screen.



To add a new Server, click on the Add button.



Enter the description and Server name or address in the Connection Display Name field:


Enter the IP address or Windows Computer Name of the Server in the Computer Name or IP Address field:


Save your changes:

You should now be able to select the Server from the Computer drop down list on the FP2 Login window.