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FP2 Architecture & Installation Overview

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FP2 is a Client/Server application which runs on a PostgreSQL Server back-end.  The Server software can run on any computer of your choosing.  The Client software is usually installed on the workstations that the data entry personnel will be using, with the exception of a terminal Server environment.


The FP2 software comes packaged with PostgreSQL Server software.  The computer running the Server software (often but not necessarily an actual Server box) will need to be accessible on the network by all Client installations.  For smaller departments, it is possible to run the Server software and Client software on the same computer.  For larger or spread out departments it is possible to connect remotely to the database though the internet via port-forwarding or VPN.


The Client software is installed on all machines running FP2.  To install the Client, you will need the Windows Computer Name or IP address of the Server computer.  It is possible to pre-install the Client software before the Server is installed, if necessary.  If this is required, inform FP2 via phone or email.


To configure a remote connection, you'll need the external IP address of the router for the network where the FP2 Server is running, instead of the Server name,   The router will also need its port forwarding configured to forward port 5432 to the Server computer.


If you are converting from the old (Classic) version of FP2, you should remove the Omnis 4.3/4.2 Runtime application from all computer before installing the Client software.  Once FP2 SQL is live, the Classic version of FP2 should not run on the same computers as the new Client version.