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Create an ODBC Connection

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Two things must be done to ensure that the ODBC connection will work properly.

First, the ODBC driver MUST be 32-bit. Second, when you create the ODBC connection, you must specify that it use UNICODE and not UTF-8.


Download the postreSQL 32-bit ODBC drivers at:

Run the ODBC driver installer.


Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC)

Click the "System DSN" tab (2nd from the left)

Click the "Add" button (right side of the window)

A list of drivers will be shown. Select "PostgreSQL ODBC Driver (UNICODE). You may need to scroll down the list to find it. Once it is selected press the "Finish" button.

A windows titled "Post Unicode ODBC driver (psqlODBC) Setup should appear.

Enter the following into the text fields of this window (Note some of these are CASE SENSITIVE):

Data Source: fireproODBC

Description: *enter whatever you want here*

Database: firepro

SSL Mode: disable

Server: *The name of the computer running the PostgreSQL engine*

Port: 5432

UserName: *name of the login created for you in PostgreSQL*

Password: *pasword for the login created for you in PostgreSQL*

Press the "Test" button. A window should appear with the message "Connection Successful"

Press the "Save" button.

The ODBC Data Source Administrator window should now show "fireproODBC" in the "Name" column and "PostgreSQL ODBC Driver(UNICODE) in the "Driver" column.

Press "OK".

The ODBC connection is now set up.