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Canvas Integration

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Canvas ( is a web and smart-phone app that allows you to create forms, fill them out on devices and email or view the results.


FP2-Canvas integration allows you to populate the FP2 Incident Report with your department information, apparatus and personnel, making it easy to log your incident information.


In order to use the Canvas Integration option, you need the following components.


1) The FP2 Canvas Integration Module.


2) A Canvas Professional Account (integration requires API/webtools access).


3) The FP2 Incident Canvas Form (



Setting up Canvas Integration


After you have set up your Canvas account (either a demo or paid account), you'll need to set up the FP2 Incident Report form using the following steps:


1)Export FP2 Data to populate your Canvas form.
2)Get the FP2 Incident App for Canvas.
3)Populate the App with your FP2 data.
4)Install the App on your mobile device.


After the app is installed and configured, you can


5)Fill out Incident information in Canvas.
6)Sync the Incident Information into an FP2 Incident report.