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Automated Backups

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FP2's automated backup program is designed to do a daily backup of your firepro database and save it to a designated folder.

The program creates one backup per day (or week depending on your Task Scheduler settings) up to a max of  30 backups and then starts over by overwriting the oldest backup in the folder so you'll never have more than 30 backups at a time.


To set up an automated backup:

download and extract fp2-backup.exe


Create a folder for backups on the server and paste fp2-backup.exe inside.

It's best to have your backups save to a different drive than FP2 and PostGres are installed on in case of drive failure.



Open up Task Scheduler-->Create Basic Task

Name it FP2 Backup, click Next

Select Daily, click Next

Select start date and the time the daily backup should be performed eg. 12:00:00AM, click Next.

Select Start a Program, click Next

Click Browse and find fp2-backup.exe and click Open

In Start in (optional) enter the path of the backup folder, click Next

Check your settings on the Finish tab and click Finish.


Be sure to test and check on your backups to ensure they're working
Checking Your Backups


Settings like Security Options control whether the backup will run without a user logged in, those may need to be altered to suite your particular situation.


The FP2 backup is useful for quick data restoration in case of a problem, but we recommend to have your own server backup system in place in case of serious server failure.