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Installation Instructions

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A typical FP2 installation has 3 stages; Server Installation, Network Configuration and Client Installation.


Server Installation:

The 64 or 32-bit PostgreSQL Server will be installed on the computer of your choice.  The Server installation also creates the required Windows users and permissions and creates/restores the installation database (converted or new).


PostgreSQL Server Installation


Network Configuration:

As FP2 is a Client/Server application, it may be necessary to configure firewalls, network permissions, VPN's or Router port forwarding to ensure that all Client computers have access to port 5432 on the Server computer.


Network Configuration


Client Installation:

Client software should be pointed to the Server at the time of installation, either by Server Name (Windows Computer Name), Server IP address (IPv4) or by external router IP address in the case of a connection via internet.


FP2 Client Installation