Recurring FP2 Features
Action Button Bar and Options
Audit Tab
Category and Sub-Category
Checkbox and Radio Buttons
Checklist (and Scheduler) Tab
Custom Fields
Date Field
Date Range
Driving Monitoring
Editable List
Electronic Sign-In
Export File Options
Geo Codes
Groups and Grouping
Inventory Used
Links Tab
Letters Sub-Tab
Pictures Sub-Tab
Other Links Sub-Tab
List Reports
List Windows and Options
List Button Bar Options
Build List Button
Column Re-ordering
Starts With Search
Saved Searches
Default Search
Saved Lists
Display Style
Navigation Toolbar
Occupancy List
Occupant Load Calculator
Parameters Windows
Printing Reports
Scroll Reports
Printing Preferences
Printing a Record
Printing a Report
Printing a Checklist
Property Type
Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Properties
Record List
Record Window
Reminder Fields
Re-naming Fields
Retired Records
Reviewed Status
Right Click Options
Roll / Folio Number
SCBA Monitoring
Security Settings
Stock Wording Lists
Street List
Text Fields
Timer Services
Truck Chart
Unique Identifiers
User Permissions
Word Processing Windows
Menu Options Bar
Enter Password
Change Password
Startup Preferences
Report Preferences
Email Preferences
Toolbar Setup
Data Utilities
Logged In Users
About FirePro
FP2 Go To Meeting
Report Page Set-up
Label Margins
Report Header Setup
Report Font Setup
Window Set-up
System Information
Custom Settings
Properties Custom Settings
Custom Fields
Pub Ed
Occupant Load
Inspections Custom Settings
Classic Inspections
Inspections Remote Custom Settings
Incidents Custom Settings
Incidents General Custom Settings
Incidents Validation Custom Settings
Incidents Time Fields Custom Settings
Incidents Medical Custom Settings
Personnel Custom Settings
Shift Scheduling
Meetings and Training Custom Settings
Training General
Control Access To:
OG (Operational Guidelines) Custom Setting
Building Permit Settings
Bylaw Settings
Email Reminder Settings
Station Names
Squad Names
Officer List Setup
Administrator Options
User Options (Passwords)
User Roles
Department Ranks
Compensation Rates
Edit Hazardous Materials
Edit Fire/Building Codes
Fire and Building Code Entry
Fix Unlinked Codes
Contravention List Names and Lists
Corrective Action List Names
Corrective Action Lists
Edit Training Subjects
Certificate Set-up
Links Files
Personnel Size Labels
Expense Accounts
Budget Names
Permit Templates
Pre-Plan Titles
Inspection Checklist
Checklist Templates
Checklist Template Creation
Import Data
Checklist Import
Data Updates
Purge Old Data
Bylaw Tutorial
New Checklists Templates
Checklist Modules
Daily Log Tutorial
Daily Log Checklists
Start and End Time Overrides
Incident Tutorial
Provincial Submission Tutorial
Submission Generate the List
Submission Validation
Submission File Creation
Incidents Over 24 Hours
Burn Permits
Training Tutorial
Lesson Plan Tutorial
Importing Training Curriculums
Scheduler Tutorial
System Tutorials
Updating Tutorial
AAIMS Module
AAIMS List Window
AAIMS Record Window
AAIMS Incident Info Tab
AAIMS Patient Tab
AAIMS Patient Record
AAIMS Patient General Tab
AAIMS Patient Vitals Tab
AAIMS Patient Intervention Tab
AAIMS Patient Observation Tab
AAIMS Patient Invoice Tab
AAIMS Patient Notes Tab
AAIMS Reports
AAIMS PCR Submission XML
AAIMS AHS Records Destruction Schedule
Details Report
Medical Report Summary
EMS Monthly Report
EMS Chute Times
Inter-Facility Transfers
Skilled Interventions
Alarm Tests Module
Audit Module
Audit List Window
Attendance Scanning
Attendance Distribution List
Attendance Scanning Record Window
Budgets Module
Budget List Window
Budget Record Window
Building Department Module
Building Department List Windows
Permits List Tab
Inspections List Tab
Visits List Tab
Scheduled Visits
Building Department Permit Record Window
Building Department General Tab
Building Department Inspection Tab
Inspections Entry Window
Building Department Visits Tab
Visits Entry Window
Building Department Dates and Sizes Tab
Building Department Values and Reminders Tab
Building Department Variance Tab
Building Department Contacts Tab
Building Department Reports
MPAC Export
Print Details
Permits Issued
Permit Details
Statistics Canada-Section A
Statistics Canada-Section B and C
Bylaw Module
Entering Truck CAD Unit Names
Certificates Module
Certificates Record Window
Certificate Attendees Report
Checklist Module
Checklist List Window
Checklist Record Window
Print Checklist
Compensation Module
Compensation List Window
Adding a new Payroll
Compensation Record Window
Compensation Reports
Compensation Details Report
Compensation Summary Report
Contacts Module
Contact Module List Window
Contact Records
Daily Log Module
Daily Log List Window
Daily Log Record Window
Daily Logs Personnel Tab
Daily Logs Truck Chart Tab
Daily Logs Inventory Used Tab
Daily Personnel Report Module
Daily Personnel List Window
Daily Personnel Record Window
Daily Personnel Section List
Daily Personnel Report
Defects Module
Defects List Window
Inventory Defects Tab
Hydrant Defects Tab
Inventory Defect Record
Defects Report
Email Module
Sent Email List Tab
Email Template List Tab
Email Entry Window
Email Configuration
Hazmat Exposure Module
Hazmat Exposure Tab
Hydrants Module
Hydrant List Window
Hydrant Record Window
Hydrant Flow Test Tab
Hydrant Defects Tab
Hydrant Maintenance Tab
Hydrant Remarks Tab
Hydrant Linked Properties Tab
Hydrant Checklist
Hydrant Links Tab
Hydrant Reports
Hydrant Print Details Report
Hydrant Linked Properties Report
Incidents Module
Incident List Window
Unlinked Incident List
Incident List Date/Time Tab
Incident List Response Type Tab
Incident List Location Tab
Incident List DetailsTab
Incident Parameters
Incident Record Window
General Tab
General Tab Dollar Loss Sub-Tab
General Tab Reminder Sub-Tab
General Tab Fire Setters Sub-Tab
Times Tab
Truck Chart Tab
Personnel Tab
Incident Record Alarm Tests Tab
Incident Record Hydrants Tab
Incident Record Inv. Used Tab
Hazmat Exposure Tab
Incident Reports
3 Year Comparison
Missing Incident Report Numbers
Details Report
Summary Report
Injury Summary
Totals by Type
Totals by Type (grouped)
Totals by Type & Hour
Totals by Property Category
Totals by Geographic Location
Vehicle Responses by Type
Totals by Appartatus used
Incidents by Officer
Co-Occurring Incidents
Apparatus Response Time Comparison
NFPA 1710
Medical Reports
Incident Roster by Incident
Incident Roster by Personnel
Incident & Vehicle Times
Vehicle Stats
Water Usage Report
$ Lost/Saved
Print Report
Print Fire Investigation
Print Carbon Monoxide Report
Print Smoke Alarm Report
Blank Hazmat Exposure Report
Hazmat Exposure Report
Totals by Year
Totals by Station
Incident Graphs
Inspections Module
Inspection Recurring Features
Checklist Template
Inspection Notes
Fire Code
Inspection Status
Re-Inspection Date
Follow-up Inspections
Issued Reports
Inspection Reports
Inspection Reports
Classic Inspection Reports
Printing Inspection Reports
Lined Inspection Report
By Type for 2 Periods
Summary Report
Totals by Inspector
By Property Type
By Reason/Occ. Type
By Reason/Bld. Code Class
By Property Class
By Month
Inspection Order Compliance
Inventory Module
Inventory Record Window
Linking Type
Inventory Category
Inventory Locations
Mileage Tab
Inventory Checklists Tab
Notes Tab
Incidents Tab
Daily Log Tab
Invoice Rates Tab
Assigned To & Used At Tabs
Inventory Reports
Order Now Report
Print Details Report
Scheduled Service Report
Replacement Date Report
Inventory Assigned to Personnel Report
Equipment Used Report
Inventory Accounting Report
Inventory Service Cost
Inventory Item Checklist
Inventory Labels Report
Operational Guidelines Module
Guidelines List Window
Guidelines Record Window
OG Policy Type
OG Sections
Personnel Signoff
Operational Guideline Reports
Section Index
Details Report
Personnel Module
Personnel Record Window
Personal Tab
Address Sub-Tab
Family Sub-Tab
General Sub-Tab
Sizes Sub-Tab
Employer Sub-Tab
Employment Tab
Inventory Sub-Tab
Exams & Promos Sub-Tab
Injuries Sub-Tab
Compensation Sub-Tab
Time Off
SCO Sub-Tab
Confidential Notes Sub-Tab
Shift Scheduling Tab
Shift Details
Leave Hours
Attendance Tab
Incidents Sub-Tab
Training Sub-Tab
Subjects Signed Off
Certificates Sub-Tab
Standby Sub-Tab
Daily Log Sub-Tab
Pub Ed Sub-Tab
Inspections Sub-Tab
Links Tab
Custom Tab
Notes Tab
Hazmat Exposure Tab
Personnel Reports
Blank Firefighters Form
Time Loss
Time Off By Date
Details Report
Roster Report
Names Report
Hours Worked Report
Birthday and Ages
Seniority List
Totals by Squad
Totals by Group
Drivers License
Clothing Sizes
Employer Info
Inventory Assigned Detail
Inventory Assigned Summary
Hazmat Exposure Report
All SCBA Usage Report
Recent SCBA Use
Shift Scheduling Hours Worked
Shift Scheduling Time Off/Coverage
Shift Scheduling Assigned Positions
Shift Scheduling Banked Hours
Completed Certificates
Out of Date Certificates
Personnel without a Mandatory Certificate
Training Details by Firefighter
Training Summary
Training Attendance by %
Attendance by Station
Training by Seniority
Recent Training Dates for Selected Subjects
Recent Training Dates for All Subjects
Time Spent for Selected Subjects
Subjects (Not) Taken
Mandatory Subjects Taken
Signed Off Roster
Signed Off Dates
Signed Off Modules
Not Signed Off
Certification Hours
Certification Subjects
Incident Details by FF
Hours Worked Details
At Scene Summary
Training/Incident Summary
Subjects Not Signed Off
Training/Incident Hours Summary
Properties Module
Property List Window
Property List Non-Property Tab
Public Education Module
Public Education List Window
Public Education Record Window
Pub Ed Personnel Tab
Pub Ed Handouts Tab
Pub Ed Notes Tab
Pub Ed Fire Setters Tab
Pub Ed Inventory Used
Public Education Reports
Pub Ed Detail Report
Pub Ed Statistical Report
Pub Ed Age Group Served Report
Pub Ed Totals by Inventory Used Report
Pub Ed Summary Report
Remote Inspection Module
Remote Inspection Configuration
Remote Inspection Data Transfer