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Edit Fire/Building Codes

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The Fire Code/Building Code tool is an editable hierarchy of codes which can be purchased from Ingenious Software.  The tool is used in the Inspection module by the inspector to cite contraventions.


The Fire Code/Building Code is governed on a provincial level.


Fire/Building Code manipulation requires the same methods for each code manual.  The codes are built with the format of Part, Section, Subsection, and Code using the numbering system of X.X.X.X.(x).


Editing the Fire Code


A user can manually edit the fire code to account for minor changes or additions through the Maintenance menu.  This method is divided into three parts.  A user can edit the Parts, Sections/Subsections, or the Code.



Editing the parts of the fire code from the Maintenance menu brings up a standard editable list.  The user may choose between the building code and the fire code.  Otherwise, click the Add to List button to allow additional parts to be added.



This option will display a tree view of the sections.  Filter down to the part where the change or addition is to be made.  Click the Add to List button to open an entry into a section or subsection.



Editing the code allows the user to navigate the treeview down to the code level.  Clicking the Add button allows the user to add a code.  The numbering must end with a period or a closing parenthesis.


Example: Code  or